Here’s a rough go at a schedule… More to come as the semester goes on 🙂

August 19: review syllabus website, introductions
• homework: review the syllabus and take the MBTI quiz

August 21: MBTI overview, your editing experience.
• homework #1: read SCE Intro, 1, 2
• homework #2: Editorial Values Statement

Being an Editor
August 26: review values statements, discuss readings, discussion of Kairos (About and Submissions).
• homework #1: read Kairos 10th anniv. issue (Logging On, Bridgeford, Eyman, Kalmbach) and Kairos: Past, Present, and Future –> READ IN THIS ORDER: About, Submissions, Past&Present, Eyman, Kalmbach, Logging On, Bridgeford)
• homework #2: read SCE 3

August 28: discuss scholarly journals, peer review, and the discourse community of Kairos
• homework #1: review Kairos style guide
• homework #2: editing quiz

Knowing Your Readers
September 2: reviewing the editing quiz; discuss readings

September 4: discussing citation styles & disciplinary uses
• homework #3: read SCE 3, 4
• bring CMS book

Building Work Relationships
September 9: review references list
• homework #1: read CMS (Chicago Manual of Style) Part 1, section 1 on “Books and Journals”
• homework #2: reply to discussion forum questions
• homework #3: bring CMS to Tuesday’s class

September 11: No class

September 16: moar references…
• homework #1: respond to at least 3 of your colleagues’ eCampus posts from last week.

Developing Your Authors
September 18: … job talk earnestness…
• homework #1: read CMS pages 53-92
• homework #2: skim the R&R letters uploaded to eCampus

September 23: peer-review & author letters: genre analysis; overview of class hybridity
• homework #1: with your eCampus group (your “co-editors”), create a group list detailing the structure(s) and genre conventions(s) of author letters. Due by start of Thursday’s class.
• homework #2: Complete the “Response to Corbett’s webtext” whole-class discussion forum on eCampus

September 25: Writing the Author Letters [hybrid class/Rosh Hashanah]
• homework #1: write your author letter & upload to eCampus group
• homework #2: read this blog post on the loss of editors
• homework #3: Contribute to “Author Letter Responses” discussion forum on eCampus

September 30: Reviewing the Author Letters [hybrid class]
• homework #1: Read “Adapting Editorial Peer Review” (download linked PDF on that page)
• homework #2: Peer-review your co-editors’ letters (instructions will be added to class blog by the 30th)

October 2: Revising the Author Letters [hybrid class]
• homework #1: Take your co-editors’ feedback and revise your original letter, uploading to eCampus
• homework #2: read “Assessing Scholarly Multimedia” (download the PDF on that page) & use to discuss evaluation criteria on eCampus forum, “Revising Your Author Letters”
• homework #3: discuss “Revising Your Author Letters” on eCampus

October 7: State of the Editorial Union: author letters, discussion forums, hybrid classes, mid-term evals
• homework #1: Revisit “response to Corbett’s webtext” discussion forum on eCampus and reply to your small group co-editors’ posts, offering feedback on successful/helpful critiques and potentially unhelpful ones.
• homework #2: In your small groups, create a collaborative list of “best practices” for writing author letters, based on your “Revising Author Letters” discussion forum posts. Collaborate using whatever tools you have available in your groups to create the list. Post the list (as one post with group names in the post) to the whole-class discussion forum called “Best Practices” in the thread for Author Letters that I have created.

October 9: State of the Editorial Union, Part 2 [hybrid class]
• homework #1: listen to the first 30 minutes of this Kcast podcast
• homework #2: revisit your Editorial Philosophy statement now that we’re at midterm and revise it according to where you are now (see update under Assignments>Editorial Philosophy tab on this syllabus)

October 14: No Class [Fall Break]


October 16: [hybrid class]

Copy Editing & Proofreading
October 21: [hybrid class]
October 23 [Last Day to Drop is Friday the 24th]

Editing the Big Picture
October 28: [hybrid class]
October 30: [hybrid class]

Working with Publishers
November 4: No Class [Election Day]
November 6:

Finishing Touches
November 11: [Veterans Day]
November 13

Publishing the Final Project
November 18
November 20: [hybrid class]

November 25: No Class [Fall Recess]
November 27: No Class [Fall Recess]

Editing Portfolios
December 2
December 4

December 9: Wrap-up and evaluations







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